Review: RDEXP Black USB Computer Cooling Fan – Silent & Effective

Review: RDEXP Black USB Computer Cooling Fan – Silent & Effective

Looking to keep your computer running cool and quiet? Look no further than the RDEXP Black 5V USB Power Silent​ Computer Cooling Fan for Computer ⁢Case CPU Cooler. We recently got our ⁢hands on this sleek and‍ efficient cooling fan, and we can’t wait to ​share our thoughts with you.

Featuring a durable plastic construction with a sleek black finish, this cooling fan is not only​ functional but stylish as well. With a fan speed of⁣ 1300rpm±5% and⁣ a noise level of just 25.0dBA, this fan ⁤provides ‌powerful cooling without disrupting your work or gaming experience.

The simple ‌installation process makes it a breeze to⁣ set up, and the long USB power cable allows for easy placement anywhere in your workspace. Whether you’re ⁣cooling your computer, DVD player, router CPU, laptop, or other electronics, ⁤this ⁤fan has you covered.

Stay tuned as‍ we dive into ​the details of the RDEXP Black‌ 5V USB Power Silent Computer Cooling Fan ​and​ give‌ you our honest opinion on its performance and reliability. Stay​ cool, friends!

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When it comes to keeping ‌our ⁣computer cool, the RDEXP USB Power Silent Cooling Fan⁣ is a go-to solution. Made from‌ a durable combination of‌ plastic, wire rod, and metal, this black fan is not only effective but also lightweight⁤ and easy to carry around. With a size of 80x80x25mm and a weight ⁣of 79g, it’s the perfect‍ cooling companion for our computer, DVD⁢ player, router CPU, laptop, and other electronics.

<p>The fan operates at a voltage of 5V and has a speed of 1300rpm±5%, providing a strong airflow for an obvious cooling effect. Along with simple installation and a USB power connector, this fan also boasts being relatively quiet with a low hum when in operation. So, if you're in need of a cooling solution for your electronics, give the RDEXP USB Power Silent Cooling Fan a try and experience the difference it can make in keeping your devices cool and performing at their best.</p>

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Key Features and Benefits

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When it comes to the of⁢ this USB computer cooling fan, we are impressed by its simplicity and effectiveness. Made of plastic, wire rod, and metal, this fan is designed to ⁤provide silent cooling for your computer case or CPU cooler. With a compact size of 80x80x25mm, it is lightweight at only 79g, making it easy to carry ‌around when needed. The fan speed of 1300rpm±5% ensures a‌ strong airflow for effective cooling, while the ​low⁣ noise level of 25.0dBA⁤ makes it ideal for use in quiet environments.

Installing this USB computer cooling fan is a breeze, simply plug it into a USB port and let it work its‍ magic. Whether you need to cool your computer, ‌DVD player, router CPU, laptop, or audio components, this fan is versatile‌ and suitable for various electronics. You can trust in ⁢its reliability and ‍performance, delivering a noticeable cooling effect wherever you need it. ⁣To experience the benefits of this silent cooling fan for yourself, head ⁣over to Amazon and make your purchase today!

In-Depth Analysis and Performance

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When⁤ it comes to the RDEXP Black 5V USB Power Silent Computer ‌Cooling Fan, we were impressed by ⁤its lightweight design and strong airflow capabilities. ‌The fan is simple to‌ install – you just need to plug it into a USB port and you’re good to go. We found that it effectively cools ‌computers, DVD players, routers, laptops, and more, ⁢making it a versatile option for ⁣various electronics. Plus, its low hum ensures that it won’t disturb your work or leisure time.

In terms of performance, ⁣this USB cooling fan operates at‌ a voltage of 5V and a fan speed ‍of 1300rpm±5%. With a fan noise level of‍ 25.0dBA,⁢ it remains relatively quiet, even in a peaceful environment. The fan’s compact size (80x80x25mm) and weight of 79g make​ it easy to carry around, so you can ⁣enjoy‍ its cooling benefits wherever you go.⁤ If you’re looking for an efficient⁢ and‍ convenient cooling solution for⁣ your electronics, ⁣this ⁤USB ‍fan is ‍definitely worth considering. ⁤ Check it out ⁤on‌ Amazon!

Our Recommendations

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Looking for a reliable and efficient‌ cooling solution for your⁤ computer? Look no further than this USB ⁢power silent computer cooling fan.⁤ Made of durable ‌plastic, wire rod, and metal, this fan is designed to​ keep ​your computer running smoothly and ‍quietly. With a fan speed of 1300rpm±5%, you can trust that this fan will effectively​ cool your computer without adding unnecessary noise. The⁢ simple installation process makes it easy to⁤ set up,⁣ and the lightweight design allows for easy portability.

In addition to cooling your‍ computer, this fan‌ is also suitable for use with other electronics such as⁢ DVD players, routers, laptops,⁢ and audio components. The USB connector makes it easy to power and operate, and the 42cm long⁣ cable provides flexibility in where you place the ⁢fan. With a low noise level of 25.0dBA, you can work or play ⁣in a quiet environment without distraction. Don’t let your computer overheat – invest in this reliable cooling fan ​today ​and keep your electronics ⁤running smoothly and quietly.

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews⁣ Analysis

After analyzing the customer reviews for the RDEXP Black USB Computer Cooling Fan, we found a variety of⁤ opinions and experiences with this product. Here’s a breakdown⁣ of the feedback we received:

Review Summary
1 Simple and effective; noticeably reduces heat
2 Very quiet; perfect for enclosed spaces
3 Well-made, but can be loud; versatile
4 Too⁢ noisy; not suitable for cooling off a modem
5 Great for keeping devices cool; mistaken use as⁤ body cooling fan
6 Loud; ​well-built with long USB cord
7 Effective for cooling high amperage lights project
8 Quiet, works well with proprietary ‌motherboard
9 Good ventilation with minimal noise
10 Works like a dream; long-lasting
11 Low airflow; cable strain protector damaged

Overall, the RDEXP Black USB Computer Cooling Fan received mostly positive reviews⁤ for its effectiveness, quiet operation, and durability. Some users ‌found it to be too loud or not suitable for their specific ‍needs. It is important to note that a few customers experienced issues with the product upon delivery, such as damaged components.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


1. Effective cooling for computer case and CPU
2. Quiet operation with ​low noise level
3. Easy installation with USB‌ power connection
4. Portable and lightweight for on-the-go cooling
5. Suitable for various electronics like laptops ⁤and routers


1. May ‌not ⁤be powerful enough for high-performance gaming PCs
2. USB power cable length may be too short for some setups
3. Plastic construction ​may not be as durable as metal​ fans

Overall, the RDEXP Black‍ USB Computer Cooling Fan ⁢offers effective cooling with​ quiet operation and easy installation. However, it may not be suitable for high-performance gaming PCs and the plastic ⁢construction may not be as durable ‍as metal fans. It ⁤is a great option for those⁢ looking for‍ a portable and lightweight cooling solution for their electronics. ‍


Q: How loud is this ​fan when ⁣in use?

A: This fan is relatively quiet, with a low hum that is normal in a quiet environment. The ‍fan noise is measured at 25.0dBA, so you can enjoy a cool computer without ⁣the distracting noise.

Q: Is ⁣this fan easy to install?

A: Yes, installing this fan⁣ is a breeze. Simply plug another USB into the plug of the ‌fan and you’re good to go. It’s easy to operate and doesn’t require any ‌complicated setup.

Q: Can this fan⁢ be used for other electronics besides computers?

A: Absolutely! ⁢This USB ​computer cooling fan is suitable for cooling ​a variety of electronics such as DVDs, routers, laptops, audio ‌components, surround sound amplifiers, and more. It’s a versatile cooling solution for all your electronic devices.

Q: How long is the power cable for‌ this​ fan?

A: The power‌ cable for this fan is about ⁣42cm (16.53 inches) long, giving you plenty of ⁣flexibility ‍when it⁢ comes to placement and setup.

Q: How portable is⁣ this fan?

A: This fan is lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry around for on-the-go cooling solutions. Despite its small size,⁢ it delivers strong airflow and noticeable cooling effects wherever you go.

Unleash Your⁤ True Potential

As we ‌conclude our review ‌of the⁤ RDEXP Black USB Computer Cooling Fan, we can confidently say that this product lives up to its promise ‍of being silent⁣ and effective.‍ With its simple installation process, portability, and quiet operation, this fan is definitely a must-have for‍ anyone⁣ looking to keep their⁣ electronics cool.

If you’re in need of a reliable cooling solution for your computer, DVD player, router, or other electronic devices, look no further than the RDEXP Black USB Computer Cooling Fan. Click here to get your hands on one now and experience the benefits‌ for yourself: Buy Now!

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