LISEN USB C Car Charger: Fast Charge Pro Max Plus Review

LISEN USB C Car Charger: Fast Charge Pro Max Plus Review

Looking​ for ⁤a reliable and⁣ efficient ⁢car charger for your iPhone 15 Pro Max Plus or other devices? Look no further than the LISEN USB C ⁣Car Charger Adapter Fast Charge 54 ⁢W PD36W Cigarette Lighter USB Charger.​ We recently had the opportunity to test out this innovative product, and we were impressed by ‌its super fast charging capabilities, ⁢all-aluminum shell design, and​ compact size. Join us as we dive into the features and benefits of this must-have​ car phone charger for on-the-go charging solutions.

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When it‌ comes to USB car chargers, the ‍LISEN USB C Car Charger Adapter ‌stands out from the rest. What caught ‍our attention ⁢right away was the Climate neutral label⁢ certification from ClimatePartner. This means that ‌not only was the carbon footprint ⁣of the product calculated, but all associated emissions ⁢were also‌ offset.⁤ We love supporting⁢ companies that ⁢take steps to reduce ⁣their products’ carbon footprints, and ClimatePartner is making a positive impact⁣ by encouraging ​companies to set ambitious reduction targets and tackle‍ climate change.

The LISEN USB⁢ C Car Charger Adapter ‍features super fast 36W PD charging capability, ​allowing you to charge your iPhone ​15​ Pro Max Plus or various Samsung devices at lightning speed. The all-aluminum shell ensures efficient⁤ heat dissipation during⁣ charging, and the compact size fits neatly into your car’s cigarette‍ lighter port ‍without protruding. With UL and FCC certifications, you can rest assured⁣ that this charger is made with high-quality materials and intelligent power management. Plus, with a 365-day‌ worry-free support included, LISEN truly cares about providing a reliable and efficient charging solution for your ​car. Take ​charge‌ of your devices on the go and get your‍ hands on this fast car‍ charger ‌today!

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Impressive Fast⁣ Charging Capabilities

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The LISEN ⁣USB ​C Car Charger Adapter blew us away with its . With a super fast 36W PD charging feature, this car charger can bring ⁢your iPhone 15 Pro Max Plus⁢ up to 88%​ battery life and your⁣ iPad up to 60% in just 35 minutes. It even supports super fast⁣ charging for select SAMSUNG ⁣phones. Not only is it fast, but it’s⁤ also safe – the all-aluminum shell helps dissipate⁢ heat efficiently, preventing any risk of melting or⁤ danger. ‌Plus, the sleek design adds a touch of ‍luxury to your car interior.

What’s more, this car charger is ⁤UL⁢ and FCC‍ certified, ensuring its reliability and safety. The intelligent power management chip and high-grade materials make it⁤ a durable‍ and environmentally friendly choice. With both USB-A⁤ and USB-C ports included, you can fast ⁣charge all your devices on the go. And ⁤with a ⁤365-day⁣ worry-free support included, you‍ can trust that LISEN’s got your back. Don’t miss ⁤out on this powerful and stylish car charger – get yours today and⁣ experience the convenience of‌ fast charging on the road. Check ⁤it out here!

Sleek Design and User-Friendly Features

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The sleek and ‍compact design of‍ this car charger makes it a perfect addition to any vehicle. The all-aluminum shell⁤ not only adds a touch of luxury‍ but also effectively ​dissipates heat during the charging ⁤process, increasing efficiency by 15% ⁣compared to plastic chargers. The tiny thumb-sized body fits seamlessly into most ‌car cigarette lighters, providing a clean and clutter-free ‌look. It’s our smallest USB car charger yet, making ​it highly portable for on-the-go charging needs.

One of ⁤the⁣ standout features of this car charger‍ is its fast charging‌ capabilities. With 36W PD charging, it can​ power up‍ iPhone 15 Pro Max Plus and iPad at impressive speeds. The UL and FCC certifications ⁢ensure safety and quality, giving⁢ you peace of ‌mind when using this charger. Plus, with a 365-day worry-free support included, you ​can reach ​out to us with any questions or concerns. Upgrade your ‍charging experience⁤ with this innovative and ⁢user-friendly car ⁣charger. Check it out on Amazon for more details! Learn more here.

Final‌ Verdict and Recommendations

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After thoroughly testing⁣ the LISEN USB C Car ⁢Charger Adapter Fast⁢ Charge 54 W PD36W, we’re impressed with​ its super fast charging ⁣capabilities and high-quality ⁣build. The 36W PD charging feature⁤ allows for quick charging of iPhone and iPad models, while‍ the all-aluminum ⁣shell ensures efficient heat ​dissipation without any risk of melting. We appreciate the compact size of this car charger, which fits‍ seamlessly into most car cigarette lighters without protruding, giving a sleek and clutter-free ⁤appearance.

In ⁤addition to its impressive performance, the LISEN USB C Car Charger Adapter is UL and FCC certified, ensuring safety⁢ and reliability. The‌ 54W dual fast‍ charging port supports both PD and QC outputs, making it compatible with ⁢a wide range ‌of devices. Plus, with ⁣a 365-day worry-free⁣ support included, you can rest assured that you’re covered in case of ‍any issues. If you’re looking for a top-notch car‍ phone charger ⁢that combines fast charging, safety, ‌and sleek‌ design,‌ this product is a‌ solid choice. Don’t miss out on getting yours today from⁣ Amazon to experience the ‌convenience ⁣and efficiency for yourself!

Customer Reviews ⁣Analysis

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Customer Reviews⁤ Analysis

After analyzing customer reviews for the LISEN USB C Car Charger​ Adapter, we have gathered some key insights:

Positive Reviews:

  • This charger is compact ⁣and fits ‌perfectly in ‌tight spaces in the car.
  • The USB-C⁣ output and high wattage⁣ cut charging ‌time significantly.
  • The charger is well-built and works as ​advertised.
  • Customers appreciate the fast charging ​capabilities ​and the quality of the charger.
  • Long cord and flush fit into the cigarette lighter are highly praised features.
  • Good value for money and fast charging⁣ speed.

Negative Reviews:

  • Some‌ customers found the charger to be ⁣flimsy compared to other models.
  • One user reported‌ that the advertised wattage did not match the actual output of ‍the charger.
  • Limited ports and ‌minimal ⁣LED⁤ indicator were ⁣mentioned as ​minor‍ drawbacks.
  • Initial concerns about heat dissipation and build quality were addressed by the ​manufacturer.

Overall Verdict:

The LISEN USB C ⁤Car Charger Adapter receives ⁢positive feedback for its fast charging capabilities, compact design,‌ and​ overall performance. While there are some minor issues related to build ⁢quality and features, the majority of customers are satisfied with their purchase and find the charger to be a valuable accessory ​for their car.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


  • Super fast 36W PD charging for iPhone​ 15 Pro Max Plus⁢ and other⁣ devices
  • High-density aluminum alloy shell ⁣for‌ heat dissipation and safety
  • Smallest ⁤size, flush fit for a trim ‌and‍ clutter-free look in your‌ car
  • UL and FCC certifications for safety and quality assurance
  • 54W dual fast charging port for versatile charging⁤ options
  • 365-day ‌worry-free support included


Cannot fast charge 2 devices simultaneously Fast charging for iPhone 15 Pro Max Plus ⁣and other ⁢devices

Overall, the LISEN USB C Car Charger Adapter Fast Charge 54 W PD36W is a top-notch choice for quick and efficient charging on the go.⁣ While it may have a limitation in charging multiple devices simultaneously, its impressive charging capabilities, safety features, and compact ‌design outweigh this⁣ minor drawback. With UL⁢ and FCC ⁢certifications, ​you can trust⁢ in ⁤the quality and‌ reliability of this ‌car charger. Plus, the added ​365-day support ensures that you can reach ⁣out for assistance if ‌needed.


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Q: How​ fast​ is the⁤ charging ⁤speed of the LISEN USB C Car Charger?

A: The LISEN USB C Car Charger features super fast 36W PD charging, which can charge iPhone ⁣15 Pro Max Plus series up to ​88% in ‌just 35 minutes. It also supports SAMSUNG PPS super⁣ fast charging for S23/22/21/20.

Q: Is the LISEN USB C Car Charger made of durable materials?

A: Yes, the LISEN ‍USB C ⁤Car Charger features an all-aluminum ⁣shell that helps dissipate heat during the charging process. This not only improves charging efficiency by about 15%, but‌ also ensures that the charger ⁤won’t ‍melt⁣ or pose any danger.

Q: Does the LISEN USB C Car Charger⁣ have a compact design?

A: Absolutely! The LISEN USB C ⁣Car Charger ‍has the smallest size yet, fitting most⁤ car cigarette lighters with a flush fit‍ that barely protrudes⁤ past the edge of the outlet. It’s ​lightweight and highly portable, making‌ it easy to take with you wherever you go.

Q: Is the LISEN USB​ C ⁤Car​ Charger certified for‍ safety?

A: Yes, the ⁤LISEN USB C Car Charger​ is UL and FCC certified,​ ensuring ​that it meets strict⁢ safety ⁢standards. It‍ is equipped with⁤ an intelligent⁣ power management chip and made with PC fuel ​barrier V-0⁣ grade material, making it heat-resistant, flame retardant, ⁣and environmentally friendly.

Q:⁢ Can the LISEN USB C Car Charger charge‍ multiple devices simultaneously?

A: The LISEN USB C Car Charger features a 54W dual fast charging port,⁣ supporting PD 36W(Max)​ and QC 18W(Max) ‌high output. However, please‍ note that it ⁢cannot ‌fast charge two⁤ devices simultaneously.

Unlock Your Potential

Thank you for joining us on this journey⁢ through the features and benefits of the LISEN USB C Car Charger Adapter Fast Charge 54 W PD36W. We hope you found our review informative and helpful in making your decision.

With its super fast 36W PD charging, ⁢all-aluminum shell, and ​UL and FCC certifications,​ this car charger is a reliable and efficient choice for ‍your fast charging needs on the go.

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